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Marriages should be a thriving reflection of God's design.

We’re here to equip couples to become like Jesus together.

We’ve been there before

Every marriage is different and will face challenges, but we understand how overwhelming it can be when you’re just starting. Our first three years of marriage were tough, to say the least, but God showed up in incredible ways and aligned our hearts with each other and His. Early in our marriage, we prayed for over a year together for an older couple to come alongside us, and He provided exactly what we asked. It wasn’t always easy finding our way through this process either—and many young couples don’t know where they should turn or who could help guide them on their journey.

Igniting the hearts of couples

For a lifetime of marriage and disciple-making

We are here to come alongside couples like you to provide trustworthy, biblical guidance and support.

Our calling is to disciple couples to learn to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and join the mission of Jesus (Matt 4:19). We were married on June 7th, 2008, and we would have never made it this far without the transforming grace of the gospel and God providing disciple-making couples to walk alongside us.

It’s now our opportunity to encourage couples like you, and we couldn’t be more excited to see you experience the transforming power of Jesus in everyday life.

Meet Our Board

Disciple-Making Marriages Who Are Leading The Charge

Nick and Kelly Berard

Mike and Leesa Worley

Ron and Nancy Gibas

Aaron and Caroline Nebrija

Mike and Holly Worley


Our Mission

To help couples build thriving marriages as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To ignite a community of Disciple-Making Marriages® living out the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith

In essential beliefs, we have unity (Ephesians 4:4-6); in non-essential beliefs, we have liberty (Romans 14:1,4,12,22); in all beliefs, we have charity (1 Corinthians 13:2).

The Spark🔥- A Newsletter To Fuel Your Marriage

Join the free newsletter with over 1,000 other couples who are strengthening their marriage by following Jesus together. In each issue, you’ll get a deep dive into one key marriage topic (communication, intimacy, money, etc.), a practical challenge to try with your spouse, and a list of helpful tools and resources to strengthen your marriage.

Why Couples Love The Spark!

The Spark is the only newsletter that we actually read every month. It has provided such practical encouragement every month for my husband and I.

Nathan and Jen

We are always trying to understand how we can follow Jesus more closely and grow in our marriage. We can do both together with the help of this newsletter.

Joe and Catherine

This newsletter is amazing, a must-read when it hits our inbox every month. It’s the little inside marriage secret we share with our couple of friends.

Ben and Tori
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