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Build A Thriving Marriage

Through God’s Design

Join us on the journey!

Start Here.

Build A Thriving Marriage

Through God’s Design

Join us on the journey!

Start Here.

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Hey, We Are The Worleys!

We are followers of Jesus, parents to three very extroverted kiddos, church ministry leaders, and disciple-makers.

Our calling is to equip couples to learn how to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and join the mission of Jesus (Matt 4:19). We get to do that by guiding couples in the application of God’s word through content, coaching, and community.

More About Our Story

Our world is under-selling marriage. Your peers are settling for less intimacy, friendship, and purpose.

Your marriage is meant to be full of life, joy, and love but that’s only possible when you’re centered on a person and a mission. We guide young marrieds and soon-to-be marrieds in building Disciple-Making Marriages®.

A Disciple-Making Marriage®

We aim to develop the next generation of married couples who are intimately connected to each other and whose marriages are an example to the world of the love of Jesus and His church. These couples are equipped to live out the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) by loving God, loving people, and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

What if you could have an extraordinary marriage?

Many years ago, we prayed a dangerous prayer that God would help us build not an ordinary but extraordinary marriage that glorified Him. We had no idea what the journey was ahead, but God answered our prayers in more ways than we could have ever imagined.

As disciples (literally students) of Jesus, we aim to learn to be like him as a couple together by doing team ministry. Information alone is not enough to produce transformation to be like Jesus. We must practice Jesus’ teachings in community and rely on the Holy Spirit to get his teachings from our minds into the core of who we are. We do this by living out the practices and rhythms of Jesus’ life to transform our lives and marriages.

Help For Each Step Of Your Marriage Journey

We all need support in our marriages, and we all need teammates. Let us be yours.

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Marriage Foundations

Discover the eight foundational blocks to building a strong, Christ-centered marriage.

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Couples Testimonials

Mike and Holly create a space that makes you feel comfortable, seen, and able to talk about anything. They demonstrate what it looks like to be authentic, which is refreshing! Soon after we started, they felt like family. Their curriculum, advice, tools, and examples they gave us were transformative for our relationship. There is no other couple we would rather have walking alongside us, and we cannot recommend them enough.

Zach and Gianna

We are grateful to have had Mike and Holly as part of our premarital journey and now walking with us in building a foundation in our marriage. We have seen our faith, love, and trust in each other grow tremendously. We continue recommending Spark Discipleship to any seriously dating, engaged, and married couples we know!

Joey and Catherine

Mike and Holly were the highlight of the year meeting with them for our pre-marital counseling. Their wisdom, grounding in the Gospel, and practical martial preparation was incredibly valuable! They truly are living each day for the Lord in how they desire to serve couples.

Caleb and April

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