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Spark Discipleship helps couples create thriving, Christ-centered marriages that lead to a life of discipleship and marital joy.

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Speaking and Training

We are passionate about teaching the Bible in partnership with the local church and gospel-centered ministries. We desire to see couples love Jesus Christ more, learn about him and themselves through careful study and application of his Word, and apply the gospel to their circumstances as they live in light of the Good News.
Barna Group released a study that recently revealed that over 72% of all churches lack a substantive marriage ministry. There is a huge need for the church to equip couples, and we want to partner with the local church and gospel-centered ministries by providing a few core services:
  • Training and equipping leaders to facilitate groups and mentor married couples
  • Speaking and helping run marriage retreats
  • Teaching and training at a marriage workshop or seminar

Want us to speak at your next event?

We are currently accepting speaking and training engagements from February 2024 onward. We encourage you to read this article by Melissa Kruger called What Your Retreat Speaker Needs from You before submitting.
Send us a note using this form so we can talk details about your retreat, conference, or event:


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