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marriage foundations course for your church

In this eight-week online course, your small group of married couples will learn simple ways to make Jesus the foundation of their relationship and start living out the transforming power of Christ in their everyday lives.

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Video Lessons
Weekly Coaching
Supportive Community

This Free Course Includes

  • Eight Video Lessons: Mike and Holly teach through a Bible-based lesson on that week’s theme, which can be played on-demand and cast to any TV via the Kajabi app or web browser.
  • Weekly Coaching: Going through the video content will always bring up hurdles, questions, and roadblocks to work through. That’s why Mike and Holly will be available every Thursday night at 7 pm MTN for a live coaching call to answer all your questions.
  • Supportive Community: Through our private online group, you can interact with other like-minded couples, ask questions, and share your completed weekly challenges.

Apply For Your Church To Join Marriage Foundations!

Why an application? Marriage Foundations is designed specifically for gospel-centered churches and ministries that want to make disciples of Jesus who last a lifetime. An application allows us to get to know your church or ministry before joining your community. We want to  pray for you and consider any details that may facilitate your connection with God and other churches in our network.
Send us a note using this form so we can learn more about your church’s goals for participating:

    Course FAQ's

    Why is there an application process?

    Marriage Foundations is designed specifically for couples who are seeking to create a foundation on Jesus that lasts a lifetime. These are couples who are looking to invest the time to build a foundation for a Christ-centered marriage and have a desire to help others learn to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus and be on mission with Jesus. An application allows us to get to know you before joining the community so that we can pray for you and consider the details that may facilitate your connection with God and with other couples. 

    When should I submit our application?

    We highly encourage you to submit your application when you have the time to commit to a full 8 weeks. We completely understand that each couple has different seasons that they are in so being able to commit together to the weekly video content and coaching sessions. 

    Is it really free?

    Yes! This is made possible by a generous giving community called The Spark Collective. This community is building into the next generation of marriages (like yours!) and has committed to support the mission financially and in prayer. Our resources and training are always 100% free, as it’s our vision to see a global movement of Disciple-Making Marriages living out the transforming power of Jesus Christ in everyday life. 

    What happens after we submit the application?

    After submitting the application we will send you a meeting schedule link to sign up for a 15 min onboarding call with Mike and Holly! After speaking with them you will be given access to the Marriage Foundations course, coaching and community. 

    How much time does it take to go through the course?

    The course was designed for couples to take biblical truth and apply it to their lives in practical ways. Each video is about 15-20 min of teaching, has 2-3 discussion questions and one weekly challenge. The weekly challenge can take anywhere from 30 min to an hour to complete with your spouse and the weekly coaching call on Thursday nights is 60 minutes. Over the course of 8 weeks you will probably average about 1-3 hrs per week of learning together.

    What if I can’t make the coaching calls on Thursday nights?

    The weekly coaching calls are not mandatory, but will help bring the fullest experience of the course. During the weekly coaching call we answer any questions that come up and help you develop as a couple – 4 questions that we ask on every coaching call:
    1. What are your biggest wins?
    2. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned?
    3. What are you working on right now as a couple?
    4. What do you need help with right now?

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