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The Spark🔥- A newsletter to ignite conversations and fuel marriage.

Join the free newsletter with over 1,000 other couples who are strengthening their marriage by following Jesus together. In each issue, you’ll get a deep dive into one key marriage topic (communication, intimacy, money, etc.), a practical challenge to try with your spouse, and a list of helpful tools and resources to strengthen your marriage.

Join other married couples just like you

The Spark is the only newsletter that we actually read every month. It has provided such practical encouragement every month for my husband and I.

Nathan and Jen

We are always trying to understand how we can follow Jesus more closely and grow in our marriage. We can do both together with the help of this newsletter.

Joe and Catherine

This newsletter is amazing, a must-read when it hits our inbox every month. It’s the little inside marriage secret we share with our couple of friends.

Ben and Tori
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